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The Blue Room - One4Review

It doesn’t seem so long ago since this play was causing an furore in the West End when Nicole Kidman starred, and again when it went on tour with Tracy Shaw and Jason Connery, and now it finds it’s way to the Fringe this year. This play by David Hare is freely adapted from La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler, is a two hander with Caroline Bell-Emie playing the female roles of Girl, Au Pair, Married Woman, Model, Actress and finally Girl again and Alex Donald playing Cab Driver, Student, Politician, Playwright, and Aristocrat. This piece is in essence ten short plays each one linked to the previous initially Girl and Cab Driver, then Cab Driver and Au pair, Au pair and Student and so on until La Ronde is completed as we return the Girl as each duo stumble through sexual courtships. This excellent production was well performed and neither actor seemed phased by the nudity that that they play requires, but the edge was taken of it for me by the lighting in the first two playlets being ‘moody’ to the point of obscurity, some of the flats were very poorly finished and where all white, Is the play not called The BLUE Room? ***

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