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TUTU: Dance In All its Glory - Chicos Mambo - 5 ***** - One4Review

TUTU: Dance In All its Glory – Chicos Mambo – 5 *****

| On 06, Aug 2017

This show takes you on a hilarious journey through the icons of classical ballet contemporary dance, ballroom and acrobatic.
A musical box ballerina opens up a show of visual delight as six men in a variety of the most amazing and creative costumes dance onto the stage.
Whether you are a connoisseur of dance or a newcomer, you will thoroughly enjoy their take on some familiar classics.
Swan Lake is given a modern twist, even including some break dancing and twerking. Poking a bit of fun at contemporary there is a hilarious routine that includes the necessary hair flicking. The comic timing is excellent throughout, especially during the dancing baby routine, which is exceptionally well choreographed to the music. Ballroom is also given a new twist, those legs in the tango are quite exceptional and there is a clumsy take on Dirty Dancing.
Humour aside these guys are exceptionally strong and talented dancers. The acrobatic routine has you absolutely mesmerized.
Whether you are a fan of dance or not you will absolutely love this show, as demonstrated by the standing ovation. Get your tickets as soon as possible as this will be a sell out and you definitely don’t want to miss out.
Reviewed by Lynn
Pleasance Courtyard – The Grand
4pm 2nd – 28th August 2017 (not 9, 15,22)
5 Stars

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