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Abbie Murphy : Eat Sleep Shit Shag 5***** - One4Review

Abbie Murphy : Eat Sleep Shit Shag 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2018

There are a couple of reasons to give in to the persistent demands of the flyer distribution squads. One is not to let all those trees die in vain. The other reason is that the flyer you just reluctantly folded into four might just be your introduction to a wonderful new performer.
Such was the case here. The underground venue soon filled up and people were even turned away. There was a buzz in the room. Handicapped by a dodgy microphone, and even dodgier head gear, Abbie described her formative  years in Essex and then brought us up to date with her showbiz career so far; the cruise ship dilemmas of an ex showgirl and we finally find out what the cabaret crew really think of the passengers.
Next, we visit a Bollywood filmset and learn how make-up techniques, and in particular, lip stick application, vary across the globe.
We heard a mixture of stories, pen portraits and one liners. All delivered with in a refreshing and slick style.
We were given a short retrospective about those early girlie holidays in dubious resorts.
How we laughed. Go see!
Reviewed by Robert
City Café Laughing Horse

Aug 2-23 at 13:45

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