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Alex Cofield Supernova   5**** - One4Review

Alex Cofield Supernova   5****

| On 12, Aug 2018

You really must respect the skill and techniques on show here.  This is quality rapping, not just a couple of rhyming couplets hurled out to impress.   This is so much more. These are extensive and beautifully constructed raps, spinning out wonderful character sketches about the dysfunctional villagers of North Piddle.

Surely, I am not the only one to notice, but I thought I saw certain similarities between our heroes attempts to escape the village and the current Brexit dealings.  For me, the tyrannical Fishwick was Michael Gove.  The village’s Escapee; Boris Johnson and shopkeeper Wendy; Teresa May!

Something that’s a bit different, but funny and entertaining  that’s why we love The Fringe.

Should you divert from the stand-up comedy trail for this a HIP HOPera?  I, for one, think you certainly should.


Reviewed by Robert

Cabaret Bar, Gilded Balloon Rose St

1st to 26th August 18:00

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