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Marcus Brigstocke Devil May Care 5***** - One4Review

Marcus Brigstocke   Devil May Care  5*****

| On 06, Aug 2018

I do love Marcus. He doesn’t just turn up. You always get a show that’s been thoroughly researched and well practised. He knows his audience.
At Latitude you might get a Prince singalong, or maybe a news review, but you will always get laughs aplenty.
As a Fringe audience we are left in no doubt that we are all sinners. Our daily failings are pointed out to us in hilarious detail. The Devil certainly goes into detail. Who resides in Hell these days we enquire? Our host dutifully tells us adding in certain lurid details.
Don’t worry you will also get many opportunities to make your own enquires during the set.
As you would expect the complexities of the Devil and God relationship is also examined.
Another highlight is the Devil channelling Trump. Scary stuff, but then we learn why Trump is even here at all. Even more scary.
Genuinely funny and thought provoking entertainment
Reviewed by Robert
Pleasance Courtyard
6th to 12th 14th to 26th August
Times vary

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