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Rory Jones The Return of the wizword 3*** - One4Review

Rory Jones The Return of the wizword 3***

| On 10, Aug 2018

Rory Jones is the 2015 All-Ireland Poetry Slam Champion and the 2016 European Silver Medallist.   So there!  A proven wordsmith!  Excellent credentials on which to build a performance poetry show on!

Interacting with his laptop wielding stage partner Ashley, Rory strives to bring to life to a self doubting wizword.  A wizard with words to be precise.

The planned poetry sections were beautifully put together and were great entertainment.  Frequent interaction with the audience brought forth some spontaneous but equally lively lines.

The flow of surreal material was often punctuated by pauses and lingering looks into the distance,   for me this artistic  distraction didn’t quite work.  Childrens’ TV presenters, Toy Story characters and ducks randomly feature in this strange poetic journey.

Its an early start for this one but well worth adding to your Fringe schedule.


Reviewed by Robert

Just the Tonic at the Caves (Spare Room)

11:35  Aug 10-12 ,14-26    £6 (£5)  or  by Donation

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