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Alice and the Little Prince – 3.5*** - One4Review

Alice and the Little Prince – 3.5***

| On 17, Aug 2019

This lovely mash-up of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince works wonderfully in this theatre show for children performed by Toby Mitchell, as the Prince, and Verity Clayton, as Alice.
On entering the venue, the children are given paper and coloured pencils to draw sheep which we find is to help keep the weeds down on the Little Princes home planet Asteroid B612. A lovely touch is these drawings are displayed on their twitter feed the following day.
The show then begins with the little Prince sitting in the Palace rose garden and Alice finding him there whilst hiding from the Queen of Hearts. He tells her why he’s on Earth and the problems he has encountered at home and on his travels. We are taken on a journey while Alice listens and helps him find solutions to many conflicts of life and society. Occasionally interrupted by the disembodied voice of the Queen of Hearts and we have to hide so she doesn’t chop off our heads.
Although there were only two actors involved and very few props the story really managed to capture the imaginations of the children who were enchanted by the performance throughout. It is a charming story of friendship and contentment.

Reviewed by Sharon
Pleasance Courtyard – The Green
13.30 (50 mins)
Until 18th

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