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Foil Arms and Hog - Swines 4**** - One4Review

Foil Arms and Hog – Swines   4****

| On 05, Aug 2019

Don’t be surprised if the queues are massive, and the venue huge. This is the result of the trio’s sensational internet successes.
With over 45 million views on you Tube word has certainly spread about these guys. They now tour worldwide, so this is your chance to catch them live in Edinburgh’s splendid McEwan hall.
Why the quirky names? Sean Finnegan’s the nominal straight man and the “foil” of the jokes, Conor McKenna “Arms “because he waves his arms around a lot, and Sean Flanagan is nicknamed Hog because he ‘hogs’ the limelight and will often grab the best punchlines.
A sketch show with a mixture of old school classics such as mime, song and dance, and one liners.
It’s a very happy show bubbling along with lots of willing audience participation, sketches involve a disastrous stag night, the fantastic prisoner “actor” sketch. All three then collaborate on the seemingly compulsory Brexit song.
Due to the seamless timing and familiarly with the material a certain amount in improvisation occurs and this works hilariously well.
Their sketches are both professional, smart and slapstick melded into an artform. what adds to the performance is their charm and chemistry. They are genuinely enjoying the craic themselves and so the audience have fun in return.
The material is kept non-controversial and light-hearted and genuinely funny, suitable for all ages
Recommended great entertainment
Reviewed by Robert
Underbelly Bristo Square McEwan Hall
21.00 (1hr)
until 25 Aug

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