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The Scarecrows' Wedding 3*** - One4Review

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| On 20, Aug 2015

In this adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s latest book, The Scarecrows’ Wedding tells the story of two scarecrows, Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay, as they go about organising their wedding.

Set in the rather large Udderbelly, the stage has the backdrop of fields and some interesting props laid at either side. Just three actors take on the roles, which are performed beautifully. The actors are talented musicians and singers too, playing the accordion and banjo, and singing the very sweet songs well. They did a great job of bringing the scarecrows to life, which can not be an easy thing to do. The third actor played two parts, that of the farmer and of a third scarecrow, and he too did this without fault.

The show does however lose stars for being overly long. At 60 minutes, there just wasn’t enough story to fill the time. There were parts of the show where there was no talking or singing, and whilst the adults may have enjoyed this, some children were getting a bit fidgety. There was no audience participation which is fine in shorter shows or in those aimed at older children. This show is aimed at children aged three and over which is stretching it a bit.

Overall a beautifully produced show, but long and more suitable for school aged children.

Reviewed by Claire

Udderbelly, George Square. Aug 6-31 (not 19th)


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