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Dieser Ort - International Collegiate Theatre Festival - 3*** - One4Review

Dieser Ort – International Collegiate Theatre Festival – 3***

| On 08, Aug 2016

Dieser Ort is being shown as part of the International Collegiate Theatre Festival. It is performed by a company of 16 young dancers.

The premise of the show is an exploration of identity in a sea of uniformity. The dancers are all dressed in identical black outfits, and are seen behaving in a robotic fashion at the beginning of the performance. Throughout the performance, individuals break free from the bland uniformity, and a revolution of sorts takes place.

The dancers are clearly talented, particularly so in the acting aspect of the performance. They never once break character or focus, which was impressive considering they were at such close quarters with the audience. That close proximity unfortunately lessens the impact of the show. Many in the audience were on the same level as the performers, and it was difficult to appreciate the impression of 16 people acting as one. The visual impact of the performance would have been far greater if the audience had been looking down upon the stage area. However, the perfect venue is hard to come by for new performers at the Fringe, and the company used the available space well.

Reviewed by Shiona

SpaceTriplex ‘Big’ (Venue 38) – 19 Hill Place
Aug 6-9 20:00 (1hr)

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