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Camille: The Dark Angel - One4Review

Hurray, it is Fringe time and that nears that Franco / Irish singer Camille O’Sullivan will be in town for a while entertaining her legion of fans with her own inimitable style of music. And now she is. Not this year at her usual venue the Speigel tent, but in the far larger Queens Hall. The venue may have changed, the repertoire has been partly altered, but the magic this lady and her band can create is exactly the same. Ms O’Sullivan collects the crowd in the palm of her hand and procedures to keep them there for the near ninety minutes the show lasts. She exudes sex appeal from every pore, her sensational voice can soar as pure as an angel, but she can get down and dirty with ease, like the virtuoso she most certainly is. She prowls like a panther, sensuous and sexy, flirts like she inverted the word but she delivers at every level. Camille is a pure, if very raunchy, sensation. Material comes from favourites such as Weil, Bowie Waits, McCall and even Pink Floyd this year, but I’m sure given her voice and the band, she could sing from the telephone book and make that sound amazing. She is only playing a short season, so you will have to be quick, but kill if necessary to get your ticket, and if you can get a spare I’ll go again. *****

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