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Daniel Cainer: Schtick and Spiel - One4Review

Daniel Cainer: Schtick and Spiel

| On 15, Aug 2013


Drawing from his Jewish background, Daniel Cainer provides an entertaining hour of narrative and extended comedy songs. By way of introduction, he admits to something of a mid-life crisis. As an adult, he has grown away from strict observance but he now feels the need to look back at this family roots.

He has selected four stories beginning with the ‘Tale of Two Tailors’ who migrated from Eastern Europe in the late 19th century to make their home in England. Maurice and Montague became close friends, setting up business together. This friendship dissolved when Montague stole an idea from Maurice and went on to great wealth as the head of Burton’s the menswear chain store. Maurice died in obscurity but he is an ancestor of Daniel Cainer.

Proceeding through stories of his Aunt Naomi and then a drug possessing Rabbi who had a weakness for prostitutes, he closes with ‘Surbiton Washerama’ about his dad having a bit of hanky-panky on the side in the 1960’s. A neat touch was his dad appearing on film to sing the final verse whilst son Daniel provided the musical accompaniment.

Reviewed by Ben

Gilded Balloon Teviot; 14

31 July to 26 August 2011

12.45 – 13.45

Fringe Programme Page Number: 10


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