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Carmen High - Opera Posse - 4**** - One4Review

Carmen High – Opera Posse  – 4****

| On 17, Aug 2016

Opera Posse is a youth group from LA. They provided an outstanding modern version of Bizet’s Carmen, using modern lyrics to Bizet’s traditional opera as well as including hip-hop and original modern day songs.
Set in the Spotlites Theatre in George Street, this large cast did an excellent job of adapting their full stage production into this small stage setting.
The story is set in an American High School. The seductive Carmen is a popular cheerleader, Jose is a Goth who doesn’t fit in and is relentlessly teased and there is Miles, who is the handsome basketball “jock”. What follows is an extremely powerful story that covers issues such as bullying, fitting in, suicide, peer pressure, pop culture, friendships, isolation and rape.
There were strong emotional performances from all cast members along with pitch perfect operatic vocals. The original music throughout the show was also quite exceptional.
This was an inspiring performance and a wonderful way of getting a younger audience to enjoy opera. A more sophisticated version of “Glee”.

Reviewed by Lynn
Carmen High, Opera Posse, Spotlites, George Street. 15:55

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