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From India to Triana 4**** - One4Review

From India to Triana 4****

| On 11, Aug 2019

The Rootless Company lead you through an exploration of similarities of cultures and traditions through music and dance, taking you from the sounds of India to the fiery rhythms of flamenco.

The atmosphere is set by the six musicians who perfectly blend this cultural performance together with their amazing haunting vocals and instruments including Sitar, Tabla and flamenco guitar.

We are taken on a journey that starts with traditional dance and storytelling provided by two beautiful Indian dancers who have you mesmerized with their movement around the small stage. There is a brilliant performance of the interpretive narrative dance, Krishna Shabdam, where you soon become aware of the similarities of Indian dance and flamenco through the pounding of the feet on stage.

We are soon transported to the Roma culture with an excellent gypsy solo performance that almost mirrors the swirelling movements we had witnessed earlier from our Indian dancers. A flamenco dancer brings passion to her performance where again we see familiar use of hand expression and footwork compared to the earlier Indian dances.

This show perfectly demonstrates how migration has blended cultures and traditions from around the world. A wonderful cultural dance and music experience.

Reviewed by Lynn

The Space Triplex Studio


2nd – 24th August

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