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Jasmin Gleeson: Razzmajazz 4****

August 19, 2022 |

This is a work in progress show, and perhaps that means the pressure’s off and Ms Gleeson can be relaxed and bouncy and quirky and have some fun. The four stars this show is getting are for its current form, … Read More

Caitlin Cook: The Writing on the Stall 3***

August 19, 2022 |

We meet Ms Cook in the bathroom that is the show’s setting, and she sings us some songs about the graffiti she’s found. The opening could be a bit weird, but Ms Cook makes it work, and followed by some … Read More

Bulletproof Unicorn 3***

August 19, 2022 |

The tale Stacey Burrows tells, of her alcoholic brother, her own desire to help, and guns in Texas, with a full supporting cast populated by her interesting family, is one of the wildest of wild rides, and more so because … Read More

Sasha Ellen: Creeps and Geeks 3.5***

August 19, 2022 |

Ms Ellen tells us a story with detours about her encounters with various creeps of the world, and it’s perhaps these experiences which give her the skills to firmly but nicely to tell the heckler to shoosh. I was impressed: … Read More

Dave Johns – A Comic’s Tale – 4.5 ****

August 19, 2022 |

Foe many people the name Dave Johns became known for his award willing performance in Ken Loach’s ‘I, Daniel Blake’ and other movies such as ‘Fisherman’s friend’, but to some of us we can remember him prior to that, when … Read More

Simon Evans and His Big Ideas

August 18, 2022 |

I actually met Simon Evans many years ago when we were both contestants on TV’s toughest quiz! He was very funny then and he still is today. Now in middle age “His Big Ideas” meander through ill health, Covid of … Read More

Sam Morrison: Sugar Daddy 4.5****

August 18, 2022 |

So everyone has a Covid or lockdown story and many of the acts at this years Fringe make reference or indeed a whole show about the damn pandemic. Sam Morrison’s show, Sugar Daddy takes a very different slant as his … Read More

Beats on Pointe 5*****

August 18, 2022 |

You can’t say you don’t get your money’s worth with this show. These guys throw everything at this production. There is a non-stop fusion of dance styles, from ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, breakdancing. They even manage to throw in rapping, beatbox, … Read More

Lily Phillips: Smut 4****

August 18, 2022 |

If you like comedy fast and furious, delivered by a pocket rocket in a jumpsuit, then go and see Lily Philips show Smut.

This no-nonsense, straight talking lady, keeps her audience very well entertained with her huge range of subject … Read More

Silly Words from My Stupid Face 4.5****

August 18, 2022 |

Two of my favourite things are live comedy and drinking in bars, well tick both boxes, as Gus Lymburn performs his show from The Beehive Bar in the Grassmarket.

Booze and hangovers play their part in this one man show … Read More