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Lapin Wants Ice Cream - One4Review

| On 15, Aug 2012

Three Star

Aimed at 3-5s, Lapin and Le Petit Monde are back at the fringe to help teach pre-schoolers a little French, and to have a lot of fun.

The show has a slightly slow start, but it warms up well once Lapin himself is on the scene, throwing things out of his sandy home, much to the children’s delight. It emerges that Lapin is too hot and bothered – but he doesn’t want any of the juices offered – he wants ice cream. He sends his friend Tania off to find “glace au broccoli.” She enlists the help of Lapin’s friends Escargot, Oiseau and Ver.

There are plenty of opportunities for the children to join in – usually on the count of un, deux, trois. There’s a little sing-along, although Frere Jacques isn’t the most original choice, but probably a safe bet to ensure parents know it.

I hope it wont spoil the surprise to say that Lapin does get his ice cream, and then kindly shares it with his friends who helped. And there’s even a small treat for the children, who can each go and practise saying “merci”.

A lovely start to French, or just lots of fun for the more experienced.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

Institut français d’Ecosse

Until 27th August (not Sundays)

10:00 to 10:40

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