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Chris Betts – Bewilderbeest 3*** - One4Review

Chris Betts – Bewilderbeest 3***

| On 24, Aug 2017

When Chris Betts hit the stage in his underground cavern lateish at night,armed with a book and looking like an Open University lecturer I wondered what we were in for. But I was soon to find out that it doesn’t pay to make assumptions with him.
Firstly his ‘American’ accent is actually Canadian, his hour was not hard work for us and his musings and observations were packed out with his dry humour and individual style.
Betts has some things he needs to share, his mistrust of cops, ‘cops are human, and humans are nuts’ old people, the differences in talking to strangers in his adopted home of London, individual ideals of beauty and his fear of being a defendant in a court case umongst numerous others.
His delivery style and demeanour is relaxed, yet the well thought-out if occasionally random material draws people in, gathering numerous gentle laughs yet seldom getting the belly laughs that others manage. Oh and who would have thought we would be expected to join in in a mid-point sing song.
It is easy to see why Betts would do well as a comic, I would like to see another offering and hopefully that will not be too long in coming.
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance Bunker 1
21.45 to 22.45
Until 28th

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