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Saucy Jack and The Space Vivens – Unlucky Theatre Company - One4Review



Welcome to Frottage III, a distant planet, and home to legendary down beat Nightclub Saucy Jack’s. Tension is in the air as a series of dead cabaret artistes keep being found not long after they have performed at the club.

The characters who work for own Jack, include hostess Booby Cheval, played by Caspar Cordwell James, a wanna-be Space Vixen, bar tender Mitch Maypole , Miles Leven, and Sammy Sacks, Nick Shirm, ,a cabaret artist and what secrets does barfly  Dr Willie Whackoff, George Griffin  hide? And why is Chesty Prospects, Lily Tello, a space pirate in the mix? When another murder is discovered, it’s time for the intrepid Cosmic cops The Space Vixens to arrive. Lead vixen Jubillee Climax, together with Anna Labia and Bunny Lingis, Catherine Kolubayev, Karen Darlow, Sophie Cordwell James respectedly, arrive to get to the bottom of the problem armed with their glitter boots and fueled by the power of Disco. The delightfully camp story then unfolds.

I first saw this show back in 1996 when the original company turned it into a Fringe cult show, and have seen it every time it has been there since. Unlucky Theatre have taken it back to it’s roots, set in the round, the audience become part of the show as the action sweeps round the cabaret bar and at times it is difficult to know where it is happening next.

A complex show to direct and light, the design is excellent, and if occasional techy blips did occur, all performers are more than competent in their roles to cover, they sing well and the costume design is spot on.

This is possibly one of the most enjoyable musicals for late-night nonsense you will ever encounter. In all of its previous visits this has turned into a sell out show with many people going more than once, and I suspect this production will be the same.The people I went with will all be back at least once.

So before you miss out on finding out who is the sling-back killed, what history is there between some of the characters and if Booby does become a Vixen, head to C Too, er I mean Frottage III and demand you ticket now.


Reviewed by Geoff

C Too Venue 4

5 to 29 August

23.05 to 01-00

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