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Theatre 2007 Archives - One4Review

Bigger than Jesus

August 8, 2007 |

This is a tough show to get your head around.  Rick Miller takes on the mantle of Christ to lead us through a whistle-stop tour of the rise in popularity of Christianity.  The wall of information that kicks off … Read More

A Couple of Blaguards

August 8, 2007 |

The two actor format, in which a whole host of characters are portrayed, places tough demands on the performers. Unfortunately, the actors involved in this play did not meet the challenges successfully. Too many fluffed lines and missed cues … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

Black and White Rainbow’s treatment of Dracula is more traditional than some of the versions on view this Fringe, it is darker and possibly more frightening. The use of mask, mime and physical theatre adds to this production. The … Read More

Greedy Scratchers

August 8, 2007 |

Jerome Wright is the older man in this foursome, he stands erect and introduces us to the characters and the time. We meet Gemskii the older woman, his wife, Leann O’Kasi the younger woman, his daughter, and Dan Morgan … Read More

L.O.V.E. Romeo? Juliet?

August 8, 2007 |

Rock and Roll Romeo & Juliet followed by psychotic ‘L.O.V.E. Romeo? Juliet?’ not necessarily good planning but the two shows are very different. Ward 212 houses those love sick or sick of love patents that just cannot live in … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

Admittedly the attraction of ‘Piaf’ is the fact that it is being performed by the famous Italia Conti Academy. Ex- pupils from this stage academy have gone on to become household names. Sadly despite asking both before and after … Read More

Simple Girl

August 8, 2007 |

Melanie Wilson creates a mysterious series of stories set in various European locations – on the Orient Express, Paris and Moscow, taking some examples. Her delivery is deliberate and precise, even in a way poetic. The cavern which is … Read More

The Voices in my head have formed a choir…..

August 8, 2007 |

Show buisness is full of unsung heroes, all be it the writers, technicians, costume designers, set designers, but do not forget the chorus lines and actors in smaller roles. Throughout his life Don Stitt has been a performer, one … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

Pip Utton’s portrayal of Adolph Hitler in his final days in 1945 is convincing and frightening. Hitler is addressing his most loyal followers in his personal staff exhorting them never to let go of the dream of creating a … Read More