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Theatre 2007 Archives - One4Review

Amelia Jane Hunter is Keith Flipp

August 8, 2007 |

How would you exist if from birth you are the embodiment of mixed sex identical twins in one body? How would it prepare you for life? The staid straight laced married sister Amelia Jane Hunter and the Drag-Queen brother … Read More

The Journey of Jeannie Deans

August 8, 2007 |

The Journey of Jeannie Deans is derived from ‘The Heart of Midlothian’ novel by Sir Walter Scott, adapted by Judy Steel for the Rowan Tree theatre Company. In this show we meet Effie Deans (Nicola Jo Cully) a wayward … Read More


August 8, 2007 |

A middle aged man, Harold, Gary McKay, is listening to music on his headphones in his safe haven in Wales together with his crippled daughter asleep in the next room, and fails to hear the doorbell.  The man’s reverie … Read More

Bouncy Castle MacBeth

August 8, 2007 |

Provides exactly what it said on the tin! The Scottish Play performed on a bouncy Castle which is inflated in front of us revealing some cast members in full kilt. The words may be Shakespearean the story from Shakespeare’s … Read More

Dye Young / Stay Pretty  

August 8, 2007 |

In this one woman play performed by Beth Medley, the story of Jill, a 19 year old pregnant girl from Wolverhampton tells the story of her obsession of all things punk and her idolization of Debby Harry. Ms Medley, … Read More

Mary Rose

August 8, 2007 |

J.M.Barrie’s play Mary Rose is remarkable – part comedy, part mystery and part romance. Theatre Alba’s production does the play full justice. Mary Rose first appears in the play as an 18 year old girl and subsequently as a … Read More

Something Fishy

August 8, 2007 |

Something Fishy is a comedy thriller which is played with enormous gusto by Liz Hague as Daisy and Kate Mooney as Petunia. The play opens with the two girls, upper class and naïve, arriving by chance in the coastal … Read More

Coast to Coast

August 8, 2007 |

Mark and Dan’s walking trek from Bangor in Wales to Boston in Lincolnshire is an unusual and humorous double act. They set out in spring 2006 without money, food and any planned accommodation, and depended on the generosity of … Read More

A Glance at New York 

August 8, 2007 |

Frankly if this is New York no thank you. When the cast appeared I wondered if I were in Bedlam, the costumes the moaning and the noise.  Newly arrived from the country will George (Ian Tooley) survive his first … Read More