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Childrens 2014 Archives - One4Review

Children’s Haunted Underground Tour – 3***

August 27, 2014 |

Peter Berry is our tour leader for the day, in a sweeping black coat, with a Spanish cap on for holding high to avoid losing the group as we head for our caves. It would be hard to lose them, … Read More

Funny Stuff for Happy People – 3***

August 27, 2014 |

The show starts very gently, with Silky on guitar, before Martin ‘BigPig’ Mor arrives on stage, adjusting his drum and cymbal, and making his young audience giggle at his silliness.

This is a show packed with funny, silly, things, great … Read More

Here Come the Uglies! – 4****

August 24, 2014 |

The bold bright colours in the fringe guide appealed so much to my four year old, that the venue being slightly further than most was quickly dismissed. And for that, I’m glad.

This show is about what happens to the … Read More

The Cat in the Hat – 4****

August 22, 2014 |

After a brief, calm beginning, the show’s high energy was evident from the moment the Cat arrived, and the children are swept up in a whirlwind of tempting ways to pass the time while their mother is gone.

Thing One … Read More

Dinosaur Zoo – 5*****

August 22, 2014 |

We’re promised laughter, fear, and tears, and got plenty of the first two, and just a little of the last. For anyone who has ever been a dinosaur fan, this show is an absolute must. Borrow a friend’s child if … Read More

Arabian Nights – 5*****

August 21, 2014 | 1

The guide promised “a wonderful world of mysterious marvels” and it truly delivered. Between the mysterious marvels was plenty of slapstick fun, singing, dancing, and constant high energy in the busy room.

For those who don’t know the tales of … Read More

The Reluctant Dragon 3***

August 7, 2014 |

This show is being performed in The Spaces @ Surgeons Hall, a lovely venue, along with a lovely cast who are approachable and engaging. It features a tremendously well made Dragon (who was available for photo calls afterwards)

It covers … Read More

Brave Macbeth 5*****

August 7, 2014 | 1

Wow! This is a delightful, amusing and somewhat brilliant version of the Macbeth story made accesible to children in the audience without it feeling ‘dumbed down’.

The music and songs are catchy and fun, the cast are equally so. It … Read More

Human Child. 4****

August 6, 2014 |

Having racked my brains for some artistic, dramatic description of this show, none of which sum this perfomance up better than a simply beautiful, clever and lovely experince.

What we tend to forget about Fringe performances is that the majority … Read More

The Fantastical Story Factory 4****

August 6, 2014 |

I always find the shows which are built upon spontaneous improvisation the most difficult to pull off, given that you can never fully know what is about to be thrown in your direction. When you put children in charge, I … Read More