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Silly Little Things 4**** - One4Review

Silly Little Things 4****

| On 27, Aug 2023

Rosie lives in a flat, owns a florist (Rosie’s Posie’s), and has a best friend Kara who has a high flying job, but with relationship issues and a cash flow problem things start to unravel.Sitting on a toilet in a nightclub, Rosie calls Kara to see if she’s coming to pick her up as Rosie is celebrating the fact she is now single but Kara isn’t quite in the mood, much to Rosie’s bemusement. Rosie returns to the club and after a line of white powder and a few Tequilas, she‘s not got much money left so decides the best way to get home is to hook up with a guy, but after scanning the room, the choice of only Mullet men doesn’t really inspire her.The florist shop has several unpaid bills with no money to pay them. Her mum calls but Rosie doesn’t ask for a loan as her mum has already given her cash to set up the business.One of her regular customers comes in, she calls him the Tom Cruise guy as he has similar looks. Tom Cruise guy comes in most days and buys a bunch of flowers. She thinks Mr Cruise is a bit weird but harmless.Her neighbour Joyce is giving her all sorts of problems, with stolen plant pots, damaged ornaments and bird shit everywhere, Rosie has got her hands full.She then decides to try dating and hooks up with ‘Donut guy’ and although the relationship seems to start well, he doesn’t quite turn out to be the boyfriend she had hoped.Just as it seems things are looking bleak, Rosie’s gets a last minute wedding order at her flower shop, this would alleviate her immediate money worries, has Rosie’s luck finally turned the corner?She has a standoff with her neighbour and things go from bad to worse, however Tom Cruise guy appears in an unexpected place and Rosie sees a completely different side to the guy she labelled a weirdo.She contacts Kara to get their friendship back on track but discovers Kara’s life isn’t as Rosy as she thought.A very good play that jumps from each location before cleverly coming together at the end. A steady performance with comedy throughout the show.****Reviewed by Steve

Just The Tonic at the Caves, Just out of the box

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