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GABBY KILLICK: Conversations with my Agent 4.5**** - One4Review

GABBY KILLICK: Conversations with my Agent 4.5****

| On 09, Aug 2023

From the start Gabby bursts on to the stage with enthusiasm that flows through the whole show. The welcoming interaction and introductions with the audience gives her initial material to work with to the amusement of everyone else.  

Using her own voice, she receives a phone call from her not so enthusiastic agent giving her tips on what to, and what not to say, or do. Her agent gives her guidance throughout the show keeping her on the straight and narrow, well for the most part anyway! She alludes to a previous relationship and how things in the bedroom could have been better as her Ex seemed more interested in playing video games. Without spilling the details, the gag in relation to the game controller is hilarious. 

Then Gabby extends her talents to a bit of light-hearted rapping, covering various current issues relating to the cost of living and the rhythmic comparisons throughout the rap is very cleverly done. There are multiple jokes incorporated throughout the performance and despite some being a bit corny, you don’t see them coming which adds to the hilarity. 

The performance continues at a fast pace with an abundance of jokes, a bit of dancing with the help of one or two audience members and some more singing, this time in reference to social media. Then her voices in relation to various ailments is brilliant, she stretches her voice box to the limit and delivers a sublime performance fit for any comedy show. 

An evening time slot probably would have created a more vibrant atmosphere that the performance fully deserved. 

‘An outstanding and well thought out performance not to be missed’ 


Reviewed by Steve

(Gilded Balloon, Teviot -Lounge

15.00 (1hr)

Until 27 (Not 14)


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