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Theatre 2012 Archives - One4Review

A Final Day Fringe Selection

August 28, 2012 |

Camille Claudel (Theatre) ****

Oliver Reed: Wild Thing (Theatre) ****

Bad Musical (Comedy) ****

Celia Pacquola – Delayed (Comedy) ****

On this the final day of the Fringe and having completed my reviewing schedule a few days ago, on something … Read More

The Trench – Les Enfants Terrible

August 26, 2012 |

5 Star


One can always be assured with every production staged by Les Enfants Terrible and that is that the performance will be spot on, well written, brilliantly staged and their inventive use of multi-mediums will be exploited to … Read More

Big Sean, Mikey and Me

August 26, 2012 |


Ruiraidh Murray’s solo play contains a brilliant re-enactment of growing up in the working class suburbs of Edinburgh well away from the posh areas and the central commercial and tourist areas.

There are effectively three characters in the play. There … Read More

A Modern Town

August 26, 2012 |


Business efficiency versus community values is the main theme of A Modern Town. It is set in the sleepy little town of Newton Basset. It represents many seaside resorts which have seen better days.

The action centres on Joe … Read More

The School of Night

August 24, 2012 |


The concept of the school of night goes back many centuries. In Shakespeare’s time, a mix of nobles, writers and poets met in secret to discuss forbidden subjects. This modern troupe of five ‘Fraters’ perform many impressive feats of … Read More

One Night Stand:- West Avenue Theatre Company

August 23, 2012 |

3 Star


Alice and Brian are work colleagues. No more, no less in spite of Alice’s hopes. Then one drunken work night out the dynamic is changed. Or has it.

Brian wakes up hung-over so badly you can feel … Read More

Punch: Little Dog Productions

August 23, 2012 |

4 Star


Initially set in The Cock Tavern Covent Garden where John a comedian ‘with no material’ is playing an offensive set, where he is later arrested.

Cut to a cell and Anne the harassed social worker sets about … Read More

Love All

August 23, 2012 |


Performers and co-writers Aideen Wylde and Tadhg Hickey recount a true tale, but with some artistic licence, of tennis and murder set more than a century ago. The action centres on Vere St Ledger Goold, form Cork and of … Read More

The Lonely One

August 23, 2012 |


Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine is the inspiration for this suspense drama. It is set in 1928, in Midwest America in summer time when the days are hot and the nights are dark and cloudless.

A good suspense has a … Read More

The Hand-Me-Down People

August 23, 2012 |


The difficulty for a student production in the Fringe is that they are going to be measured against so many professional companies. Thus, there is the need to have something out of the ordinary to make it stand out … Read More