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Comedy 2007 Archives - One4Review

Andrew McClelland’s Mixed Tape

August 8, 2007 |

Andrew McClelland is an irresistible and likeable talent. The theme of his show is the art of making the mix tape to send to a loved one which, with the demise of the cassette tape, may become a lost … Read More

Charlotte Hudson & Leila Hackett – Two Left Hands

August 8, 2007 |

Charlotte Hudson and Leila Hackett are new names to me but their cv’s are impressive to say the least and are performing this two handed sketch show to packed houses. The ladies set appears to resemble a holiday scene … Read More

Francesca Martinez: in Deep

August 8, 2007 |

Francesca Martinez is a special person in so many ways. Despite having a handicap, which might force lesser beings to hide at home, she has made a career for herself in snowbusiness.  As a child actress in the kids … Read More

Jason Byrne’s Telly Idea 

August 8, 2007 |

Jason Byrne is obviously one of these comedians who doesn’t like to do nothing. Not content with doing his own show and Best of The Fest etc,  on some days he is running this pitch for a TV game … Read More

The Late Show

August 8, 2007 |

There are a number of late-night shows jostling for the attention of the after hours punter who’s looking for a comedy show that skirts around the edges of acceptability.  This is exactly the sort of entertainment that the Late … Read More

Newcastle Revue – Thermostaat

August 8, 2007 |

Oh no! Not another University revue group I almost hear you cry! There are so many around and here is another one. No, you’d be wrong. Murray James, Edward Beresford, Jenni Armstrong, Matt Robinson Mikey Stranney are the five … Read More

The Queef of Terence

August 8, 2007 |

What can I say about the Queef of Terence? It seemed a good idea at the time. There is no doubt about the quality of the three performers but I felt most of their material let them down. The … Read More

Terry Saunders  –       Missed Connections

August 8, 2007 |

Saunders’ show’s mix of stand up and storytelling examines the missed connections ads where strangers can post a description of a person they fancied on sight in the vague hope that they might see the ad and respond to … Read More

Andrew O’Neill – FuturisticelectodeathNinja9000

August 8, 2007 |

An eye catching title but Andrew O’Neill’s brand of comedy was a let down. There was the recurring character, the 5 year old David who was dying from a brain tumour. The audience are asked to view the performance … Read More