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VHS 2: Planet of the Tapes - One4Review

Why has Richard Sandling based his Fringe show around the decreasingly popular form of VHS?  Well, because he really likes it.  Oh, and he thinks it’s the true ambassador of the form as there is very little charm to be had from the clinical form of dvd.  I think it’s fair to say that Sandling is quite serious about film.  He takes time to explain his compulsion with an amusing comparison of film fixation with football and anecdotes of where this fixation has taken him.   To add to his straightforward stand-up material, Sandling also introduces clips in order to flesh out his material.  All of this works quite well, providing a wry look at film vs. dvd. Sandling then spends 15 minutes talking about Doctor Who, ranting about the flaws he finds apparent in ‘Nu-Who’.  This seemed a strange turn to take and I’d imagine that if you’re not familiar with the show then this section will probably lose you.  I’d imagine that film fanatics and Doctor Who followers will get more out of this show than your average Joe. ***

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