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We Are The Dreamers - One4Review

Side by Side Theatre group evolved from the learning for life drama course held at Stourbridge College in the West Midlands. Formed in 1997 they have become the first group of amateur actors with learning disabilities to achieve awards and recognition in several new areas of the performing arts. This is their third sojourn to the Fringe. ‘We are the Dreamers’ based loosely on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream has the least script of any version I have seen. The minimal words are just enough to keep us up to date with the storyline. Most of the show concentrates on movement and the accompanying snippets of popular songs are well thought out and assist in the overall story telling. The performers are well directed and help each other throughout the show, the costumes are sumptuous and each performer has several changes, some of the scene changes and sets are liable to be stolen as ideas for other shows.  All in all this is a well thought out and performed piece of theatre. The performers are, Sarah Field, Mark Slater, David Atkins, Lucinda Dawson, Francis Muller, Theresa Byrne, Claire Attwood, Judy Alcock, Jason Hinchcliffe, Susanne Douglas, Janet Baxter, Amanda Hill, Johanna Fowkes, Daniel Jones, Paul Taylor and Brett Robinson. This is an enjoyable piece of theatre from a talented young group of performers. ****

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