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Josie Long: Tender 5*****

August 18, 2019 |

Josie Long is back with her first fringe show in five years and the crowded room is a testament to how much she’s been missed. This show dances between the apocalyptic and the optimistic, thankfully with enough of a dose … Read More

Mat Ewins: Actually can I have eight tickets please 4****

August 18, 2019 |

Mat Ewins fans, don’t be fooled by the distinguished grey haired gent pictured in the programme. It’s just a picture from shutterstock, he’s very much here with his signature brand of silly and oft distasteful homemade games and videos. He’s … Read More

Andy Zaltzman: Satirist For Hire – Blindfold Cliff-Edge Unicorn Brexit Britain Bogus Prime Minister Democrageddon American Elections Cricket World Cup General State of the World Specials 4****

August 18, 2019 |

Zaltzman has been performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 1999, when he was a finalist in the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny? new act competition.

Its all in the title really, pick a topic and Andy will have a go. At the … Read More

Lucy Frederick:Fantastic 5*****

August 18, 2019 |

Lucy Frederick has moved on in life and at the age of thirty eight, finds herself as step mum to two children and likes nothing more than sitting on her fabulous sofa, that she loves dearly, and watching TV.

Read More

Nick Everritt: The Deconstruction 4****

August 18, 2019 |

Nick Everritt’s comedy will not be for everyone, and I suspect a most of the audience were probably wondering if they had indeed observed comedy. It is my opinion (and presumably Mr Everritt’s) that they had, but I would posit … Read More

Eleanor Conway: You May Recognise Me From Tinder 3.5***

August 18, 2019 |

Eleanor Conway is utterly unashamed to talk about sex in the most frank and honest way, and the women especially in the audience were absolutely with her. She’s vibrant and energetic on stage, and her chat about sex and sexual … Read More

Sarah Lee: Half a Man 3.5***

August 18, 2019 |

Sarah Lee is all smiles for this short but well formed show, which is built on autobiographical anecdotes and complimentary observational material. Not all of the audience seemed particularly engaged but a good number were giggling away. A small number … Read More

Seann Walsh:- After This One I’m Going Home 4.5 ****

August 18, 2019 |

What a difference a year makes. This time last year Walsh had booked to do Edinburgh, and then came the announcement that he was going into ‘Strictly’, all plans had to be changed. He was going to get a massive … Read More

Martin Mor:- Instigator 4****

August 18, 2019 |

I can’t imagine that too many people who have a significant knowledge of the comedy world will be unaware of Martin Mor. If they haven’t seen him perform, then surely his distinctive look must have crossed their horizons somewhere as … Read More

James McNicholas: The Boxer 4****

August 17, 2019 |

James McNicholas’ debut solo hour is a loving tribute to his Grandfather,1961 Middleweight champion of the world Terry Downes, known as ‘The Paddington Express’. He weaves deftly in between playing the character of his grandfather on the rise to the … Read More