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Tamsyn Kelly: Crying in TK Maxx 4**** - One4Review

Tamsyn Kelly: Crying in TK Maxx 4****

| On 26, Aug 2023

What starts out feeling like a medley of best bits from ten-minute club sets quietly morphs into a long-form narrative with diverting side-quests. It works well: Ms Kelly eases herself into the show with skills she can probably exercise in her sleep, and the audience have time to warm up. It doesn’t take long; Ms Kelly enters with massive enthusiasm and a huge grin, and while that opening fare might not be groundbreaking, it does bode well for an enjoyable hour.

Ms Kelly is an accomplished performer, and she seems to wear the show like a second skin: so practised and so at ease with it, she’s come full circle and sounds entirely unrehearsed. It also gives her an unshakable base from which to riff with things and to embrace the chaos of week three at the Fringe.

This show takes for its principle kernels of truth embellished and frothed into stories. If you’re not enjoying the show (unlikely), you could entertain yourself by asking which specific bits are the kernels of truth, such is the outlandish nature of some details. Nevertheless, this is a coherent and well-developed hour from an energetic and talented comedian.

Reveiwed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard
20:40 (1hr)
Until 26th

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