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Fiji 5***** - One4Review

Fiji 5*****

| On 10, Aug 2022

This is a very dark, quite unsettling and at times very funny hour of first class drama. There are some laugh out loud banter between our two characters. The humour comes from the way in which the two characters talk and discuss in some detail the deed that is to be done over the the course of the weekend. The constant down playing of their weekend plans is very clever and funny.

Nick is handsome. He is a teacher in a children’s nursery and he likes to cook. Initially we are not at all sure as to the reason for the visit from Sam. Sam is a charming young man and they have apparently met for the first time having connected online. They are both struck by how “normal” they find each other.

Cannibalism is not a topic that you would normally associate with humour. Apparently consensual cannibalism is a thing! Who knew? This very black comedy was inspired by the real life 2001 case of Armin Meiwea who killed and ate a man he met online with the victim fully aware of his murderer’s intentions and was a compliant and willing victim.

We never fully learn why Sam has agreed to be murdered and eaten. What would drive this charming intelligent young man to such a desperate place.

And why is the title Fiji? Oh that’s just a funny coincidence. Nick has been there. Its Paradise. And Sam, well he has told his friends and family, that he is off on a trip to, very randomly, Fiji.

There are some very tender moments between the two men and we’re never quite sure if they will actually go ahead with their initial plan for the weekend. Surprisingly, it appears that Sam is more intent on going through with the dastardly deed than Nick.

The light hearted exchanges between the two characters are hilarious given the backdrop of such a macabre theme.

Clever, funny and quite brilliant.


Reviewed by Margot

Pleasance Courtyard – Upstairs

13:55 (1hr)

Until Aug 29th (not 13th)

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