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Comedy 2008 Archives - One4Review

Andrew Maxwell’s Supernatural

August 8, 2008 |

Andrew Maxwell is back in town and the fans are back also flocking to pay homage to the reigning King of Comedy and it is easy to see why. Maxwell is not a comedian who struts and prowls around … Read More

Chris Cox – Control Freak 

August 8, 2008 |

Chris Cox is officially endorsed by Keith Chegwin.  And if you can’t trust Cheggers then who can you trust?  Cox is back to read our minds without actually reading them.  Rather he is in control of our actions and … Read More

Ed Byrne:  Different Class 

August 8, 2008 |

Home where he belongs on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it is great to see Ed Byrne back again. Laughing at the observation that more people will see his show in Edinburgh than during a long tour Ed’s … Read More

The Grandees

August 8, 2008 |

This is a delightful show. It is a tale of adventure and mystery in the style of C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien and with a touch of Stargate. The story is complex and convoluted but the whole ridiculous sequence of events hangs … Read More

Jason John Whitehead – The Joker

August 8, 2008 |

It has been ten years since the man who his Jason John Whitehead first hit the comedy scene and the basis of his show this year is a brief synopsis of his life and the changes there in. He … Read More

Matt Green – Grow Up Green

August 8, 2008 |

Although he looks about fifteen I realised that Matt must be a lot older, because I first saw him perform in Cambridge Footlights in 1999, but he doesn’t look much older now and the possible reason for that is … Read More

The Oxford Revue: Bonfire of the Ottomans 

August 8, 2008 |

I made a decision before this Fringe that University revues and I were done and dusted having suffered at the hands of so many recently. However, I was cajoled by the company to go and see them because they … Read More

Rhod Gilbert and the Award Winning Mince Pie 

August 8, 2008 |

After a few years in the doldrums someone seems to have found a rich vein of comedians in Wales, Rob Brydon, Mark Watson for example, and for me the best of them all Rhod Gilbert. I have followed his … Read More