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Domestic  Godley - One4Review

Janey Godley has lived a hell of a life.  It’s not the sort you would envy of someone yet Janey is a master, or should that be mistress, at turning what could be considered tragedy into genuine comic laughs. The topic this year is domesticity – and Godley’s apparent lack of it.  This allows her to recount memories of her murdered mother, also allowing us an insight into a side of Glaswegian life that many will not have experienced.  It may seem like a bit of a rambling rant but there’s structure to be found as well as links to truths universally acknowledged by this audience. Aside from the main act Godley is very concerned with making the most out of her audience and ensuring their comfort throughout.  It is probably this, sometimes terrifying, tenderness which keeps the audience coming back year after year.  It should be noted, however, that she does take this audience consideration seriously and as such has implemented an age restriction of 16 or over on her act, feeling some of it is unsuitable for younger lugs. Whilst standing in the queue waiting to go in it became clear that the audience for tonight’s performance was made up of people who had seen Godley before.  This is surely an indication of her ability to deliver laughs again and again.  Since Godley has not shelled out for PR this year I hope these people spread the word as newcomers deserve a glimpse into Janey’s fascinating, harrowing, tender and hilarious life story. ****

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