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John Bishop:  Cultural Ambassador  - One4Review

John Bishop is as Scouse as they come, a lad who grew up wanting to, and almost succeeded in playing for his dream football team, Liverpool of course and is the self- elected cultural ambassador for his native city in this their year as city of culture. John has only been a full time for a short time having given up his well paid job, but doesn’t regret it. He relates a story of being flyered for his own show last year as to how unfamous he was then, but it seems his profile has risen, partly due to the city of Culture. For a proud Liverpudlian he wonders, like a lot of people apparently what culture Liverpool has to offer, but then finds some hope with kids experiencing other cultures He is a family man and brought his kids to the Festival last year to experience other cultures and was surprised by their choice of favourite show. Although like his own father he hopes his sons wear the red of Liverpool as one is showing interest in other pursuits he is encouraging him he live his dream Bishop finishes on a filmed sequence and finally thanks his audience for attending. The man is a fine ambassador as far as I am concerned and it proves that not everyone from Liverpool is a scally. **** 

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