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Theatre 2004 Archives - One4Review

Aliens are Scary

August 8, 2004 |

The 5065 Lift in the Pleasance Courtyard has to be one of the smallest venues on the fringe yet with 10 different shows daily it is also one of the busiest. Taking up to 12 of an audience depending … Read More


August 8, 2004 |

It seems to be the critic’s choice as to a must-see production this year and as it starred Mike McShane, a comic actor I’ve respected for years I had to follow the suggestion and see it. The creative team … Read More

No Exit

August 8, 2004 |

Act Provocateur International are staging a specially adapted one hour version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s three hour original of No Exit. What has been achieved is a play with such intensity that it really gives the feel of being trapped … Read More

Skool Rulz

August 8, 2004 |

It is the day of North Bridge High School Class of 94 reunion and it will probably be the most talked about event for years.  We are introduced to many characters through flash backs to them in ’94 as … Read More

All’s Well that Ends Well

August 8, 2004 |

This Shakespeare production is not one that I know very well, it apparently has the reputation of being a ‘problem play’.  We are accustomed to Shakespearian productions being updated and this version of ‘Alls well that ends well’ is … Read More


August 8, 2004 |

Forbidden is a new play written by Pat Rowe, is set in wartime Berlin and centres around the relationship between Lilly, a German mother who’s husband is away at war, played by Clare Grogan, and Felice, a younger Jewish … Read More

Once A Catholic  (Harland)

August 8, 2004 |

One thing that is as certain as the dodgy Edinburgh weather during the Fringe is that Harland Hamstrings will perform a number of high class shows all with the Alan Hunter tweak. One of the shows on offer this … Read More


August 8, 2004 |

This young company are to be complemented on a really interesting show. The ten females and two males, Take us through the life story of Midlesbrough, covering the last 150 years in a matter of 50 minutes. This play … Read More

The Wau Wau Sisters

August 8, 2004 |

The Wau Wau Sisters, pronounced Vow Vow, come from New York and bring with them an act of such energy and enthusiasm it is exhausting to just to be a member of the audience. The ladies sing, dance, use … Read More