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About Us - One4Review

So you want to know a little more about us? Well, One4Review is the creation of Geoff Evans and Sheila Kay Jack. We are a non-profit review website and our origins run all the way back to 1999. We are entirely self-funded, which means we have no ties with any organisations or products involved in any festivals!

Previously when working as reviewers for the local radio station Scot FM we were selected as’ the voice of the people’ . This is a tag we are proud to bring to one4review.

In 2010 Sheila sadly died while on holiday in Greece. Geoff decided that the ‘show must go on’ and has kept the site and the ethos going with the help of a number of reviewers over the years, each and every one an enthusiastic punter, no professional writers or performers, just folk who enjoy the Fringe and it doesn’t matter if you  are 7 or 77 your opinion is as valid as the next person,

The 2023 team joining Geoff are Sharon Evans, Laura Baigrie, Gill Adkins, Lynn Coventry, Rona Ounsley, Claire Whitecross, Howard Ounsley, Matthew Phelan, Margot Quinn, Gavin Ingram, Lyndsey Lynch, Steve Johnstone, Tracey Johnstone, Hils Jago and Jen Barekat