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Bec Hill in... Ellipsis 5***** - One4Review

Bec Hill in… Ellipsis 5*****

| On 12, Aug 2014

There are numerous way for an artiste to greet their audience but this was a different one. The ultra-energetic Aussie comic is literally dancing on the rows of seats gradually moving back as the room fills. I was a little surprised then having seen her a few times before and know what a fertile comedy brain she has perhaps I shouldn’t have been.

It’s she stated desire to have an award winning show, claiming she already achieved one when drunk and in this hour she sets about creating the vehicle to reach her goal. She packs the set with all sorts of laughs, we get straight stand-up, comedy magic, clowning, and piles of puns not to mention conversations with her disembodied inner self-doubt who keeps calling up.

There is no doubt that this amiable Aussie has all the comedy skills she needs and more and is happy to switch from one to another at will. But for me the paper puppetry this queen of the flip charts treats us to is the jewel in her crown and these are worth the entrance money alone.

So does she succeed in her quest? Time will tell. But whatever the result she is an act that should not be missed for an hour of non-stops laughs.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Turret

17.30 to 18.30



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