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Don't Worry Guys It's Sarah Campbell 3*** - One4Review

Don’t Worry Guys It’s Sarah Campbell 3***

| On 13, Aug 2014

If being picked out of an audience at a show is your worst nightmare, do not go to this one. Ms Campbell is a worrier, and is looking for the person in the audience most like her. I suppose looking like you want to be picked might be an obvious solution (though she doesn’t make it last too long, if you are the unfortunate one). Given this unorthodox method of building sympathy with an audience, I’m very impressed people stayed with her and there were no nasty heckles (at least in the show I saw. A soberer audience at this time?).
Ms Campbell is a worrier, and what she’s most worried about is that civilisation is coming to an end, evidenced by the fact we’ve run out of new things to do. She has a novel solution.
Sarah’s delivery is clear and confident, and her persona consistent and strong throughout. Though the structure is coherent and the whole thing hangs together, it’s not outright belly laughs for an hour, more ripples of laughing at awkwardness. The audience I was in seemed to have a good time, but I’m not convinced she can’t do something far better.

Reviewed by Laura

Cabaret Voltaire (Venue 338), 17:05

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