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David Mulholland's Conspiracy 4**** - One4Review

David Mulholland’s Conspiracy 4****

| On 10, Aug 2014

Mr Mulholland, former investigative reporter, knows lots of things about conspiracies: what the real ones are, and why the unreal ones aren’t and can’t be true. Given his evident and wide knowledge, he invited the audience to choose the topic for myth-debunking, and to pose questions or suggest specific theories they’ve heard. Because of this, the show is likely to be a bit different every day.

While inviting the audience to shape the show worked well, demonstrating his encyclopaedic knowledge, I felt David could have taken a little more control in moving topics on, even if the audience weren’t finished with them. I must also admit to feeling a little harangued, even though none of the audience admitted to believing in any of the conspiracy theories. I’d also liked to have heard more about the ‘real’ conspiracies, like who will profit if/when the NHS is privatised.

However, Mr Mulholland is interesting and amusing, with good delivery and an eye for the ludicrous, and the show itself is an education.

Reviewed by Laura

St John’s (Venue 202), 19:30


  1. Wish I could have been there to see this show. Sounds wonderful.

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