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Musicals 2009 Archives - One4Review

The Boy Friend

August 8, 2009 |

I have always thought Sandy Wilson musical ‘The Boyfriend’ was a nice piece of family friendly nostalgic escapism with some catchy tunes. It was never the longest of show, but Hazlenut Productions have pared it down to an hour, … Read More

Musical Magic

August 8, 2009 |

The Bohemians are a local musical theatre group that have been in existence for over a hundred years. There show was a mix of over 20 items split into two halves separated by an interval. Around 20 singers took … Read More

Bloodbath The Musical

August 8, 2009 |

I love musicals and while Musical Theatre @ George Square provide the opportunity to see several new musicals I jump at the chance. Bloodbath the musical is one of these. Sanctuary Films Ltd present this ‘new fun rock musical’ … Read More

Over The Threshold

August 8, 2009 |

Over the Threshold was written by writer / composer Christopher Hamilton in 2004 this 2009 Fringe version stars Madalena Alberto, Kieran Brown, Helen French and Trevor Jary. The set at first appears strange four obvious doorways, two mats and … Read More

Chat!  The Internet Musical

August 8, 2009 |

Following on from last years success Jet Set Go! I was really looking forward to seeing their offering for Fringe 2009. Set in the cyber world of an Internet chat room five characters, schoolboy Darren, struggling to ‘come out’, … Read More

Porn  –  The Musical

August 8, 2009 |

‘Porn – The Musical’ will either have people running to the theatre or staying away in droves. Despite the title the show is done in the best possible taste. We have a live band of four musicians stage right. … Read More


August 8, 2009 |

Stephen Sondheim musicals are notoriously difficult to perform although Company may not be one of the most difficult, it still requires very good singers. At first glance The Northumbria Musical Theatre Society looked to have a hit on their … Read More


August 8, 2009 |

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group (EUSOG) have had more than their fair share of difficulties with their production of ‘Rent’, leading man struck down with a throat infection. Drummer diagnosed with flu. The story continued yet the show went … Read More

Early Long Island Iced Tea

August 8, 2009 |

I have enjoyed Peter Straker’s voice before and was intrigued to discover exactly what "Long Island Iced Tea" would deliver. Like the ingredients of the drink, after which the show was named, the contents of the show was a … Read More