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Almost Like A Virgin - One4Review

Evelyne Brink hits the stage dressed as Madonna and with the posh dressing room set one may expect for the material girl. She stresses from the start that she is not Madonna, but a tribute act that gets to travel to places the former Mrs Ritchie does not go, hence she is performing at a hotel in Honduras and often performs as ‘her’ in Portugal. What we get from the rest of the show is a potted history of Ms Brink , from he early life and her adoration for her grandfather, through TV appearances, some of her cabaret style songs, but of course a whole hunk of Madonna stuff, both facts, and of course music. Evelyne looks so much like Madge that the resemblance is uncanny, she also sounds like her as well, but what she really wants to be is recognised as the first Ms Brink not the second Ms Ciccone. Performing some of her own material during the show, one can see that she has all the talent required to make it big and I certainly hope she succeeds. This show therefore is a great vehicle for this as the Madonna material will undoubtedly bring in the fans, and Evelyne will therefore be able to showcase herself at the same time.   ****

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