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Comedy 2016 Archives - One4Review


January 1, 2017 |

The prestigious Amused Moose Comedy’s New Comic Award contest which searches out the next big comedy stars from new talent across the UK, is about to kick off for 2017 with entries opening on 1 January. This exciting talent … Read More

Matt Price: Poltroon 4****

August 28, 2016 |

I’ve never seen a show derailed so badly and have it turn out to be a thing of beauty and hilarity. Poor Matt had it all in the show I saw: misunderstanders, latecomers (forty-five minutes into a sixty minute show!), … Read More

Sarah Kendall – Shaken 5*****

August 28, 2016 |

If there is a more accomplished comedic storyteller at the Fringe this year then I have yet to see them. As she has done of a multitude of years now Ms Kendall weaves jokes and laughs into her one story … Read More

Amused Moose Comedy Awards Grand Final 2016 5*****

August 26, 2016 |

There were around 120 performers who initially entered their 2016 shows into this prestigious competition by submitting a videoed performance which was watched on line by a panel of ‘industry’, to whittle them down to a manageable long list. From … Read More

Carnal Desire – Drama 3/4 Productions 2**

August 26, 2016 |

Not quite knowing what to expect, as I guess most of the crowd were too judging by the conversations occurring in the queue prior, what we got in essence was a read through by eight actors, fully clad throughout, of … Read More

Tom Ward – Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes 3***

August 26, 2016 |

The word of Fringe 2016 was often about the debut hour of Tom Ward and how brilliant his show was. Having seen this very likeable comic ‘doing 20’ in London in March I was very keen to see the show … Read More

Shane Todd: Holywood to Hollywood 4****

August 26, 2016 |

Born in Holywood, Northern Ireland, Shane Todd has long held the dream of being the town celebrity who switches on the Christmas lights. Despite his comedy fame and film stardom, who hasn’t seen him in the Battle of the Bone? … Read More

Chris Coltrane: Socialist Fun Times 5*****

August 26, 2016 |

The world’s a bit bleak at the moment, so Chris Coltrane wants to offer some hope, comfort and comedy to get us all through it. He’s aiming to be the best comedian he can be in order to achieve this … Read More

The Guilty Feminist With Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White 5*****

August 26, 2016 |

If you’ve heard the Guilty Feminist podcast, you’ll know about this show. The audience wasn’t solely comprised of podcast-audients, though enough to help the newbies along. It’s hosted, as per the title, by Sofie Hagen and Deborah Francis-White, and they … Read More

Gordon Southern – Long Story Short 4***

August 25, 2016 |

Gordon Southern is one of the Fringe regulars who is guaranteed to have a quality hour of material, well prepared, honed and delivered as only this Anglo scot can, oh and there are always a number of ‘fun facts’ thrown … Read More