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Carnal Desire - Drama 3/4 Productions 2** - One4Review

Carnal Desire – Drama 3/4 Productions 2**

| On 26, Aug 2016

Not quite knowing what to expect, as I guess most of the crowd were too judging by the conversations occurring in the queue prior, what we got in essence was a read through by eight actors, fully clad throughout, of two scripts destined for premium adult cable TV in the USA in the early 2000s. Author Michael Horowitz penned these ‘steamy masterpieces’ under his nom-de-porn Philip S. Wilson. The cast read through two examples.
The premise is amusing as a late night show, but for most there was not enough to hold the interest for the hour, in fact a number actually left during the second half!
The scripts were never intended of course for this sort of presentation but the actors did inject humor and enthusiasm into proceedings as they read through the at times very similar pieces, albeit the first one leaving a slightly nasty feeling that the perceived use of drugs for obtaining sex was acceptable.
This production is certainly not for everyone. But it is different. And perhaps that is partly what The Fringe is all about.
Reviewed by Geoff
22.20 to 23.20
Pleasance Above
Until 29th

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