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John Robins:- Hot Shame 4.5**** - One4Review

John Robins:- Hot Shame 4.5****

| On 13, Aug 2019

John Robins shared the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2017 with his ‘break-up show’ and he is back this year selling out big rooms and exhibiting all the skills and more with his 2018 offering Hot Shame.
Robins classes himself as a millennium as distinct from a millennial guy, he is sensitive, crys at movies reads poetry and is a fan of the man bag and a man who doesn’t like to be part of an audience.
There is a book set on a table entitled Hot Shame and Robins reads from this initially, old diary entries, and each entry revealing shameful experiences from his past, the book is returned to several times during his hour, in between his wonderfully written stories of recent adventures, a comedians holiday in New York, a will he won’t he seduction in a New York bar, being a beta male when it comes to household practical things, the probably definitive guide to air dehumidifiers, and a master class, or should that plaster class about a wall repair in the home.
Robins comes across as a nice guy who says he is at his best 3 beers in. He seems to despair of his decisions and himself at times, and shows his thinking with his material throughout. One thing he should not have any worries about however is his comedy talent and writing. He flows through his set, gathering a multitude of laughs with his well-honed set and easy paced persona.
The show was sold-out the night I attended, a regular occurrence, be quick to get a ticket, ‘cause it would be a (Hot) shame to miss out.
4.5 ****
Reviewed by Geoff
Pleasance One
19.30 to 20.30
Until 25th

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