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Lauren Pattison :- Peachy 4**** - One4Review

Lauren Pattison :- Peachy 4****

| On 10, Aug 2018

It is fair to say that Fringe 2017 was when Lauren Pattison burst to prominence to a good section of the comedy viewing public, sell-out shows, award nominations helped of course but were richly deserved. And she is back this year with Peachy, a show equally as good if not a little better.

Ms Pattison is a no frills Geordie girl from a working class background and is still refreshingly likable and non-pretentious. She is like your mate, chatting about her life and events that affected her over the last 12 months. Simple, but oh so effective. Not trying to force this into any theme or message, although she does have three achievements to discuss with the again sell-out crowd.

Lauren leads us all through material on her family, sex life, boyfriends, travelling across the world with her comedy, unintentionally falling in love and her love of zoos, yet there is also a slightly sad turn to some of the anecdotes. The delicately constructed set, weaving individual sections seamlessly together, always finding the funny and light and shade, all delivered with her charismatic style. There is also the little matter of her outstanding stage presence.

Lauren states that often she holds back and fails to grasp opportunities in her life. Take my advice, you shouldn’t do that with her show. Grab a ticket now… that’s always assuming some are still available,


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Attic

19.00 to 20.00

Until 26th (not 13th)


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