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Hal Cruttenden: It's Best You Hear It From Me 5***** - One4Review

Hal Cruttenden: It’s Best You Hear It From Me 5*****

| On 11, Aug 2022

He has appeared on mock the week, live at the Apollo, have I got news for you, the great British Bake Off, and voted Best Newcomer at the 2002 Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

Hal is an experienced and respected comedian and performer, so we expect a well written and entertaining show. well that’s exactly what we get but to a higher standard that I thought was possible using such a personal source material .

we don’t get any formula based scripting here, after all divorce isn’t easy, and it’s brave of Hal to share the emotional turmoil with us. who’s getting the house? who’s getting the dogs? where did the daughter’s loyalties lie?, all these are tricky questions, and as Hal works through the answers with us we are treated to a wonderful range of anecdotes.

Mr Cruttenden is brilliant with the audience, genuinely engaging with all sections, he discusses his divorce with a fellow divorcee who happens to be from the Netherlands, he’s got material for that too.

As for the ubiquitous politics section we cover the benefits of Brexiting? the character of Boris and the future PM options, its well-balanced as labour doesn’t escape unchallenged..

If you’ve waited a long time to see a decent comedy show and can maybe get to just one this would be a serious contender.


Reviewed by Robert

Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance 2

20.10 (1hr)

Until 28th Aug (not 16th)

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