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Mirror Me 5***** - One4Review

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| On 12, Aug 2015

Mirror Me tells the simple story of a young girl named Ani and her reflection, Ina, who lives on the other side of her bedroom mirror. Following a row with her dad, Ani and Ina decide to switch places, which leads to Ani appreciating all of the things she had previously taken for granted.

Aimed at children aged between three and eight, Mirror Me was beautifully performed. At 45 minutes long, it ticked all of the boxes a children’s show requires: good story, well performed, audience participation, music, talking parrot.

Set in the wonderfully intimate and comfortable Pleasance Green, the children were free to fidget amongst the bean bags laid out in front of the stage, which leads to an overall stress free show for parents.

Highly recommended for pre school children and well worth the ticket price.

Pleasance Courtyard, The Green. August 5th – August 23rd.

Reviewed by Claire


  1. Lynn j

    A fab show, my 6 and 9 year old loved it, especially the parrot! Highly recommend it.

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