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Pleasance Archives - One4Review

Jonny Pelham: Optimism Over Despair 3.5***

August 27, 2023 |

We welcome back Jonny Pelham to the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe and this time he’s come with his bindle full of trauma from his adventures at the Apollo, along with other over 18 content lore. If you don’t know already Jonny’s … Read More

Sian Docksey – Pole Yourself Together 3*

August 26, 2023 |

Sian opens the show by introducing us to her boyfriend, in other words her pole that’s centre stage and which she’s about to perform her comedy show upon.

He’s incredibly supportive, fortunately, tall and sturdy. Sian explains that in order … Read More

Andy Parsons : Bafflingly Optimistic 4.5****

August 25, 2023 |

Andy Parsons returns to the Fringe with his new stand up show, Bafflingly Optimistic, after an absence of seventeen years.  It feels like this deserves a much bigger fanfare.  Much has changed in the intervening years and the audience at … Read More

Darren Harriott : Roadman 4****

August 24, 2023 |

Double Edinburgh Award Nominee Darren Harriott returns to the Fringe with his new stand up show Roadman.A Roadman is a certain type who hangs out on the street, tough, bit dodgy, bit cool and someone the young impressionable Darren, kind … Read More

Murder, She Didn’t Write 4****

August 21, 2023 |

Murder mystery improv developed solely on audience suggestion. Nothing like the suggestive link with a popular 80s crime solving author. Really funny and imaginative creations. The audience made it rather difficult today however the cast did not disappoint.

Todays … Read More

Comedy reserve at the courtyard 4****

August 21, 2023 |

The second selection of new, up coming comedy acts. This is the first year the Pleasance has had two comedy reserves and the acts here are different from the reserve at the Dome.

The host Micah Hall. Really chilled … Read More

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet 4****

August 21, 2023 |

Shortened version of a Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet, with a twist. Part rehearsed, part improv show with plenty laughs. The wild card being – one cast member is encouraged to drink as much alcohol as they can before and … Read More

Trainspotting Live 5*****

August 21, 2023 |

A show that needs no introduction in Edinburgh, the large sell out venue merits the huge performance, and the familiar soundtrack takes you right back into 1996 and the iconic film Trainspotting.

On arrival to the auditorium, the techno music … Read More

Jazz Emu: You Shouldn’t Have 5*****

August 21, 2023 |

Jazz Emu has built a big following for his “virtuoso musical spectacular” shows on the Fringe, which blitz the audience continually with a plethora of multidimentional AV and graphic action, comedic interludes, accessible jazz, immaculately choreographed quasi-robotic moves, a smoke … Read More

Buffy: Revamped 5*****

August 20, 2023 |

A nostalgic complication of one of the most popular 90s cult series – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Growing up with the likes of Buffy and the Charmed sisters, my expectations were high, making me rather nervous for this show. However, … Read More