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Trainspotting Live 5***** - One4Review

Trainspotting Live 5*****

| On 21, Aug 2023

A show that needs no introduction in Edinburgh, the large sell out venue merits the huge performance, and the familiar soundtrack takes you right back into 1996 and the iconic film Trainspotting.

On arrival to the auditorium, the techno music is already in full flow with the characters energetically dancing along, glow sticks in hand and pupils the size of saucers, but don’t worry, ear plugs are supplied prior to entry if required!
Once seated, the music stops and the ‘choose life’ parody begins.

Renton, Tommy, Sick Boy, Begbie and Allison are back together and it’s not long before they go down a familiar path. Closely following the storyline to the original movie, once again you’re taken into a journey of drugs, violence and despair. With added hilarity, nudity and audience participation, this show just about has it all.

The soiled bedding scene is one of the highlights of the show and audience members are advised to keep your head down! The toilet scene is also hilarious as Renton looking for his suppositories, empties the contents of the toilet to find them. The characters interact with the audience throughout the show, sometimes extremely close, but all to the amusement of everyone else.

The character Begbie is extremely vicious and one scene in particular stuns the audience as to how cruel and angry Begbie can be, but credit to both actors for playing the scene so well.
Tommy’s death is hard hitting and highlights the devastation drug use can cause, with fantastic music and light effects, this scene is particularly memorable.
Despite the character ‘Spud’ being omitted from this performance, it didn’t compromise the quality of the show.

Spoiler Alert: I apologised to two American tourists sat next to me on behalf of the show, as they were genuinely disappointed they didn’t see any trains!

‘A truly memorable and nostalgic performance that’s well worth seeing’

Reviewed by Steve

Pleasance, EICC, Cromdale Tunnel
Until 27 Aug (not 21)

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