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Christopher Macarthur- Boyd – Scary Times 4.5**** - One4Review

Christopher Macarthur- Boyd – Scary Times  4.5****

| On 21, Aug 2023

Christopher Macarthur- Boyd has been a fixture on the Scottish comedy scene for quite a few years now and it is no surprise that his shows are always very popular, selling out nightly, and numerous added dates as well.
Macarthur-Boyd is physically not the largest comic around, but he has a huge stage presence, a laid back, often self-deprecating style. He interacts easily with the punters, and of course he is funny. Very funny.
With a mixture of crowd work and well-crafted material the crowd are royally entertained. There is light and shade, he expounds on the Glasgow and Edinburgh rivalry, JK Rowlings, his regret about certain High Street shops closing, zoos versus aquariums along with more serious topics such as the economy and female safety in society. Each and every topic was illustrated with his anecdotes, each garnering scores of laughs as one would expect.
He also talks about his long-term relationship, having met his girlfriend at the Fringe 7 years ago and rounds the all too quick hour off with an encouraging maxim.
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd has been touring as support to better known names over the last year or two as he says he is not quite at a stage to headline his own tour. Surely it can’t be long until he is a big name himself, and I don’t mean the number of letters in his name.

Monkey Barrel at the Tron
19.15 to 20.15
Until 27th August

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