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Comedy 2004 Archives - One4Review

Craig Hill – One Man & His Kilt

August 8, 2004 |

Craig Hill the camp Scottish comedian hasn’t always been on my must see list, but I’ve seen more and more of him on TV and decided it was about time I tried to see him live.

His spectacular entrance through … Read More

Danny Bhoy

August 8, 2004 |

Danny Bhoy has been coming to the Fringe for a number of years now and I have been there watching him mature, yes I think that is the word, during this time.

He is now an established ‘name’ on the … Read More

Dara O’Briain

August 8, 2004 |

Dara O’Briain is certainly not the smallest comedian on the comedy circuit, and he is certainly not the smallest in talent either.

He is a genuinely funny man who knows how to play his audience as a virtuoso plays their … Read More

Ed Byrne: Me Again

August 8, 2004 |

Ed Byrne is back where he belongs. Ok it was good to see him in a play on the Fringe last year and we have seen him on TV in both adverts and a sitcom.

I think however that Ed … Read More

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Fringe but were too drunk to ask

August 8, 2004 |

For some of us the Fringe life is now second nature having been part of it for more than a decade, for others less experienced, this is a show that should be the first on your list as Mitchell, Mountfield … Read More

Flight of the Conchords: Lonely Knights

August 8, 2004 |

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, both from New Zealand, are together known as ‘Flight of the Conchords’. I first heard of them in 2003 when they were selling out the Gilded Balloon Caves and were Perrier Award Nominees.

The praise … Read More

Beyond A Joke

August 8, 2004 |

The history of Cambridge Footlights has alumni that features many a star and each year there is an aspiring new generation of Stephen Frys and Emma Thomsons.

I have been watching them for a few years myself, some better than … Read More

Beyond all reasonable Gout

August 8, 2004 |

Seven Medical and Vet Students, an hour of prime time and a comedy sketch show should be a recipe for sixty minutes of first class fun, should be, but although they tried hard a lot of the material was not … Read More

Boothby Graffoe and the following people

August 8, 2004 |

After several years of seeing Boothby Graffoe, Geoff finally relented and let me go. I’m so glad he did he might have to fight over him in the future. I love musicians who tell jokes, or is it comedians who … Read More


August 8, 2004 |

Otis is back in Edinburgh, with his own distinctive take on Country and Western music, mixed in with jokes, the odd political comment, and some improvised lyrics and banter.

For the uninitiated, Rich Hall’s “uncle” (actually, it’s Rich in a … Read More