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Brendon Burns - One4Review

Brendon BurnsThose of you, who have not seen Burnsy before, beware. He is not by any stretch of the imagination be called a shrinking violet. It is a rare sentence that does not have at least one four letter expletive in, but for his fans, and there are a huge amount of them, this London based Aussie can do no wrong.

This shoot from the lip guy misses none. He is particularly savage on politicians and on the Australians he encountered on a rare excursion home. He is not likeable, but I’d rather have him as a friend than as an enemy.

After half an half an hour, all change. Burnsy is apparently a persona that the real


Brendon Burns hides behind. Brendon is a completely different bloke who has a sensitive side. He informs us that Burnsy is being banished. We will se him no more. He even has a somewhat surreal conversation with his alta-ego and breaks up the partnership.

But is this for real? I can’t believe Burnsy has gone. But of course I maybe wrong, so this could really be your last chance to meet him? Don’t miss out.


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